SDK keys & secrets


1. Get SDK Key & Secret

1. Get SDK Key & Secret

Our SDK requires an SDK key and secret to be able to authenticate. Please follow these steps to get your credentials:

  • [1]. Visit, and login with your Zoom username and password. Then press Manage button on the upper right corner. You will find your existing app within Managage > Created App section. Look for your SDK app in the list(e.g.: Migrated SDK app) and click it.
  • [2]. Under the Information tab, enter the required information, such as App Name, Short description, etc. Once everything is in shipshape, press “Continue”.
  • [3]. Next, you will see your SDK key and secret in the “App Credentials” tab.
  • [4]. Write down your SDK keys & secrets, and Continue to activation. Once your SDK keys & secrets are activatied, you will be able to enjoy Zoom services using Zoom SDK.
Further information

If you want to know more about our marketplace, such as how to create an app, how to get JWT, etc., you can refer to the following: