Zoom Video SDK

Power custom video experiences with Zoom's core technology.

The Video SDK provides video, audio, screen sharing, chat, data streams, and more, as a service. You can build with all of these features, or pick and choose. The Video SDK also comes with a full set of server side APIs and Webhooks.

Zoom Video SDK



A session connects two or more users so that they can communicate over video, audio, chat, and other available methods. Sessions are scoped to your Video SDK account and are spun up on demand, meaning they do not need to be scheduled. Up to 1,000 users can join a session. Sessions can be livestreamed via RTMP to an unlimited view-only audience.

Access to raw data

Direct access to raw video and audio data on native platforms enables improved interaction between users and the app video stream. Imagine a gaming video streaming app with direct interaction between the player and viewers based on in-game events or prompts from the community. Or an AR streaming platform with direct viewer access to on-screen video. Raw data is also useful for building custom live transcription, and video or audio analysis.

Minimum SDK version

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