Screen sharing

Enhance the collaborative experience of a session by allowing users in a session to share their screen content on an iPhone or iPad.

This guide will provide you with an overview of the two screen sharing implementation options that are supported by the Video SDK.

Screen sharing options in iOS

Broadcast the device screenShare a UIView

Share the entire device screen in a session including screens outside of your session, such as the screens of other applications.

Share a single UIVIew of your application in a session.

This approach requires you to utilize ReplayKit, Broadcast Upload Extension, other Apple video frameworks and the ZoomVideoSDKScreenShare framework.

This approach requires you to utilize the ZoomVideoSDK framework.

This method of sharing is highly optimized, as it is a native operating system level implementation provided by Apple.

This approach is simpler to implement but it has optimization limitations.

It is not encouraged to use this method for complex views.

Depending on your use case, you may choose either of these options to implement screen sharing. In the next sections, we will provide detailed information on the implementation of these options.

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