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Integrate the SDK into your app

The Zoom iOS Video SDK allows you to add real-time voice, video, and chat capabilities to your app.

To integrate the SDK into your existing iOS project, you must:


  • Xcode
  • If using Video SDK below v1.4.0:
    • A physical iOS device (iPhone or iPad) with iOS version 8.0+
  • If using Video SDK v1.4.0 or above:
    • A physical 64-bit iOS device (iPhone or iPad) with iOS version 11.0+
  • A validated provisioning profile certificate
  • Valid SDK credentials

Set up your development environment

Open your project in Xcode and select the current target. Depending on the Zoom Video SDK version you are using, you should set the iOS deployment target to a minimum of either iOS 8.0 or 11.0. See Prerequisites for details.

Download the Video SDK

Download the Video SDK.

There are two separate folders within libs, Device+Simulator and DeviceOnly:

  • Device+Simulator contains libraries that can be run on physical devices and simulators.
  • DeviceOnly contains libraries that can only be run on physical devices.

Device+Simulator: Download the SDK using this option if you'd like to run your project on a simulator. This version also supports running the project on an iOS device. However, this version of the SDK is not compatible for deployment to the App Store and is best suitable for learning and testing purposes only. You should not use this version of the SDK if you plan on building an app that is compatible for deployment on the Apple App Store.

“DeviceOnly”: Download the SDK using this option if you have an iOS device and you do not require a simulator to run your project. You should use this version of the SDK when you are building a production level app that is intended to be published on the Apple Store.

Navigate to one of these folders and select “ZoomVideoSDK.xcframework”. Copy only the “ZoomVideoSDK.xcframework” into your Xcode project folder. If you want to add screen share functionality in your app, refer to the Sharing the screen guide for more details.

The iOS Video SDK is a dynamic library. You will need to include it in your project under Embedded Binaries.

Navigate to the General tab.

Expand the Embedded Binaries section to add libraries.

Click the + button to add the ZoomVideoSDK.xcframework library.

Add Required Project Permissions

The Video SDK requires the following permissions:

PermissionRequired / OptionalPermission KeyDescription
CameraRequiredNSCameraUsageDescriptionRequired for Video
MicrophoneRequiredNSMicrophoneUsageDescriptionRequired for Audio
BluetoothRequiredNSBluetoothPeripheralUsageDescriptionRequired for Bluetooth audio devices
Photo LibraryOptionalNSPhotoLibraryUsageDescriptionUsed for sharing images from the photo library

To grant permissions to the SDK, open the info.plist of your project and click the ‘+' button to add the following:





Set Build Options

The Video SDK does not support Bitcode, as library optimization disables the possibility to provide Bitcode builds.

Please set Enable Bitcode in Build Settings > Build Options to No when you build an app with the Zoom SDK.

With these configurations, you should be able to build and test your app with the Zoom SDK.

Need help?

If you're looking for help, try Developer Support or our Developer Forum. Priority support is also available with Premier Developer Support plans.