Quickstart with sample app

To demonstrate the capabilities of the iOS Video SDK, we have included an iOS Sample App in in the iOS SDK folder that can be downloaded from the Video SDK app listed in your Zoom App Marketplace account.

It is a video session application that allows session host to create and start a session by topic. Once a session is created, the host can share the session name with other users. These users can join the session by typing the same session name.

This guide provides an overview on how to build and run the sample app via Xcode. If you would like to run the Sample App without a development setup, the Zoom Video SDK is also available on the App Store.

This guide assumes you have the following:

  • Xcode
  • If using Video SDK below v1.4.0:
    • A physical iOS device (iPhone or iPad) with iOS version 8.0+
  • If using Video SDK v1.4.0 and above:
    • A physical 64-bit iOS device (iPhone or iPad) with iOS version 11.0+
  • A validated provisioning profile certificate

Step 1: Register Zoom account

Follow our guide to set up a developer account if you haven't already enrolled in the Video SDK plan.

Step 2: Obtain access credentials and download the SDK package

Follow the instructions listed on the Authentication guide to obtain your SDK package, key and secret.

Step 3: Configure and build project

After opening the SDK package in Xcode, go to the ZoomInstantSample folder and double-click the ZoomInstantSample.xcodeproj to launch the project with Xcode.

Open AppDelegate.h and change the constant kAppToken to the JWT token generated by following the instructions provided in the Authentication guide. Set the kSDKDomain to zoom.us

#define kAppToken   @"Your JWT token here"
#define kSDKDomain  @"https://zoom.us"

@interface AppDelegate : UIResponder <UIApplicationDelegate>

@property (strong, nonatomic) UIWindow *window;

- (UIViewController *)topViewController;

Next configure the signing of the sample project with your provision profile, connect your iOS device to your computer, and build the sample app.

Step 4: Run the sample app

Once built, the sample app will run on your connected device.

The Video SDK provides raw data for advanced Video and audio customization which can be processed by three different render options. This app demonstrates the usage of these three renderers:

  • Zoom renderer - Developed by Zoom and highly-optimized for Zoom services. Designed for ease of use and simple usability.

  • OpenGL ES renderer - Cross-platform renderer designed for embedded mobile systems providing a flexible interface between software and graphics acceleration hardware.

  • Apple Metal renderer - Optimized for iOS; designed to be easy for iOS developers to learn and use.

Swiping right on the carousel will show the key features available in the Video SDK.

Then press the button Create to create a session. We're going to create a session called “Harry Potter” and fill in the Display name.

Tap the Renderer field to select the renderer you would like to use to render the video. For demo purpose, the UI will look the same across the renderers.

When you're finished selecting the renderer, press the button Create to start a session.

When the session is ready, the video session UI will appear. Other participants can type the name “Harry Potter” and join the same session.

Note: Video SDKs do not have a default UI. The UI for Video SDK apps is intended to be highly configurable and customized.

In this app, you'll see common Zoom features like muting/unmuting audio, disabling/enabling video, switching cameras, screen sharing, and chat.

Need help?

If you're looking for help, try Developer Support or our Developer Forum. Priority support is also available with Premier Developer Support plans.