Web Video SDK

The Video Web SDK enables the development of all new video applications powered by Zoom’s core WebAssembly video framework.

Sessions are not Zoom Meetings; instead, with no default user-interface, this SDK is designed to support unique video applications.

Getting Started

To obtain your SDK Key & Secret, connect with us for initial launch details.

Choose a Video SDK Plan


Using the Video Web SDK will require experience using async functions & promises in JavaScript. You’ll need a camera and microphone for testing, and a backend (server-side) service to securely generate a signature to launch a session.

Note: When testing the video module, some browsers may block access to the camera. Therefore, it is recommended to use localhost: 9999 for testing.

Browser Support

The minimum browser versions supported by the Web SDK meet or exceed the those of the Zoom Web Client. See the table below for details.

Note: Zoom ended support for Internet Explorer (IE) as of September 30, 2021.

Browser / Feature Chrome 69+ Firefox 76+ Safari 11+ Opera 45+ Chromium Edge 80+
Video (receive)
Video (send)
Audio (receive)
Audio (send)
Screen (receive)
Screen sharing (send) ✔(72+) ✔(13+)
Multiple video streams
End-to-end encryption (E2EE)
Mobile web browsers are not supported.