Zoom Video SDK for Web

The Zoom Video SDK for Web enables you to build custom video experiences with Zoom's core technology through a highly optimized WebAssembly module.

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Core features

The Video SDK provides video, audio, screen sharing, chat, data streams, and more, as a service. You can build with all of these features, or pick and choose. The Video SDK also comes with a full set of server side APIs and Webhooks.

Zoom Web Video SDK

Browser support

FeatureChrome 69+Firefox 56+Safari 11+Edge 79+Mobile
Video (receive)
Video (send)
Audio (receive)✔ (1)
Audio (send)✔ (1)
Screen Share (receive)
Screen Share (send)
Virtual Background✔ (2)✔ (2)
Render Multiple Videos✔ (2)✔ (2)
720p Video (Receive)
720p Video (Send)✓ (5)
Share 2nd Camera
Share Chrome Tab Audio✔ (4)
Call Out (PTSN)
Cloud Recording
Command Channel
RTMP Live Streaming
End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) (3)

(1) Video SDK for Web supports Safari audio if your site uses credentialless headers or is not cross origin isolated. See Web SDK Gallery View for implementation instructions.

(2) Up to a maximum of 4 video streams without SharedArrayBuffer. Up to a maximum of 25 video streams with SharedArrayBuffer. SharedArrayBuffer required for Virtual Background. See Web SDK Gallery View for implementation instructions.

(3) End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is not supported on any browser.

(4) Users can share sound from a Chrome tab or their microphone, but not both.

(5) For details about 720p Video on Web, see Web SDK 720p video.

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