Quickstart with sample app

To demonstrate the capabilities of the Video SDK, we have included two demo video session apps that allow hosts to start a session by topic. Audiences can join the session by typing the same topic name.

Access these samples in the demo folders of the Video SDK download from your Zoom App Marketplace account. We also host these samples on Github at https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-videosdk.


To run the sample app, you’ll need:

Web Video SDK requirements

To use the Video Web SDK, you will also need:

Set up a Video SDK developer account

You must have a Video SDK developer account to download the Web Video SDK.

If you don’t already have a Video SDK developer account, you’ll need to set one up using an email address that is not connected to an existing Zoom account.

See Setting up developer accounts for details.

Download and install the Video SDK

Once you’ve set up your Video SDK developer account, create a Video SDK app type and choose the download link for Web.

You can also clone the Video SDK package on GitHub at https://github.com/zoom/videosdk-web. But note that you still need an SDK key and secret before you can run it.

See the included README.md file for instructions on how to run the sample apps.

Or clone the samples from GitHub at: https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-videosdk.

Before you can run the demos, you must update the config files, located in:

  • react-demo/src/config/dev.ts for the React demo
  • purejs-demo/src/js/config.js for the Purejs demo