Meeting Bots: Accessing Media Streams

Meeting Bot is an application developed with Meetings SDK that connects to the meeting as a participant and gets access to audio and video content of the meeting, or streams media into the meeting.

Starting with v5.9.0, Meeting SDK supports access to individual high-quality audio and video streams (raw media) for individual participants.

Note: Currently supported only for Mac and Windows OS.

Before the bot can start capturing raw media, it needs to inform all participants by initiating local recording.

Zoom Apps with media access

When implementing apps that access audio or video from the meeting, the developer needs to implement two apps in the marketplace: Zoom App and SDK.

The application provides UX and controls, while the bot handles media processing on the backend.

Meeting Bot lifecycle

  1. The application uses the meeting owner's credentials to obtain the meeting's join-token to allow local recording using REST API method /meetings/{meetingId}/jointoken/local_recording.
  2. The bot uses the token to join the meeting as a participant.
  3. The bot initiates raw recording using StartRawRecording.
  4. The bot obtains raw audio and/or video data.
  5. The bot processes the data.

Learn more

To learn more about using Meeting SDK and implementing bots for processing individual media streams, please refer to the following documentation:

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