Reference Apps

To help you start developing Zoom Apps projects we provide sample reference apps.

Enabling developer tools

By default, developer tools are disabled in the Zoom Client. To enable them, set to true before launching the Zoom Client.

On Windows:
Add the following to the file. This file is located in the %appdata%/Zoom/data directory.


On Mac :

defaults write ZoomChat true

Zoom Apps Samples

Basic Zoom Apps Sample

Our basic sample Zoom App is your Hello World for Zoom Apps. It uses a minimal tech stack to show the bare minimum needed to get up and running.

Tech stack: Vanilla js, Node.js, Express

Video tutorial: How to Configure Basic Zoom App Sample.

Advanced Zoom Apps Sample

Advanced Sample covers most complex scenarios that you might be needed in apps.

App has reference implementation for:

  • Authentication flows: marketplace authentication, in-client authentication, third-party auth providers.
  • REST API calls and retrieving user information.
  • Zoom Apps SDK methods and events, including role-based permissions.
  • Guest mode

Tech stack: vanilla js, node.js, express, docker (optional)

Custom Layout Zoom Apps Sample

Our Custom Layout sample app showcases an immersive meeting experience using our Layers API. It renders a custom podcasting layout within the meeting and allows the host to display their own meeting topics right in the meeting space.

Tech stack: JavaScript, Node.js, Express

Collaborative Text Editor Zoom Apps Sample

Our Collaborative Text Editor sample app allows participants to work together on a text document displayed front and center as the meeting content.

Tech stack: TypeScript, Vue.js, Express, Node.js

Need help?

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